Radio Work

I spent 7 weeks as a guest news reader on Hoxton Radio, reading the headlines every Saturday at 5pm.

I sourced local and global news stories relevant to the show, wrote the script, and presented on air.

Check out my work as the Saturday news reader on Hoxton Radio.

Through my master’s, I have had professional training in the production of podcasts and radio news reports. I am proficient in Burli and Adobe Audition software.

Below are some examples of new reports I have produced for radio.

Young black people in South Africa in 2021 still face the same challenges as those living under the apartheid regime, youth activists argue. Amid rising rates of unemployment, and falling standards of social care, some young people in South Africa fear they will continue to be left behind.


It has been a month since the start of nationwide protests in Colombia. But what started off as backlash against a proposed tax reform, has transformed into a nationwide feminist fight.


On the 11th of February, the law decriminalising homosexuality came into effect in Angola, making it the 22nd African nation to legalise same sex relationships. Let’s take a closer look at LGBTQ rights in Angola and across the African continent.


The French government has made the decision to maintain the closure of ski lifts throughout February – usually the busiest season. What does this mean for seasonal workers?


At the start of term, universities throughout the UK encouraged students to return to their student accommodation on campus. However, amidst rapidly rising rates of coronavirus infection, hundreds of students have now been instructed to self-isolate in their student halls upon arrival. We spoke to frustrated university students.


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